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Seeing SD this weekend; I hope everyone behaves! Happy Labor Day!!

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Last week's chip tasting boiled down to 3 1/2 monutes (w/music)!

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The contenders: Bacon Mac and Cheese, Mango Salsa, Ginger Wasabi, Cappuccino (!), and it being 7:45 AM!

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Goodbye old friends!

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It all started in 2004 on the Fore River Gazzette...

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Sorry for the every other week deal. I promise from this point on to fill in the gaps even if the pieces fail to run on WMPG due to technical difficulties (or Steve messing up)

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I'm talkin' to you Groupon and LivingSocial!

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Wish I could be there!

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On 6/11/14 Empire in Portland, Maine Clash of the Titans presented It's Guster's v. Dispatch version, when who shows up? None other than Guster's own Adam Gardner!

Seems we can look forward to an interview with Adam when the new Guster's album drops!!

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